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Scheduling – A four week blog series:

Put simply, scheduling is the most challenging part of our business, and most reputable painting contractors will have some backlog. We understand that our clients want to know how long they will be waiting for their project to begin. Once the decision has been made to invest in a business or home improvement project owners become excited to see it finished. When a client asks how long it will be before we get started on their project, I give them an educated guess based on nearly 20 years in the business. But, that guess simply cannot take into account a handful of mitigating factors. We give our best estimated date, and usually we’re on the mark, but sometimes factors skew that date. “What are these factors?”, you ask. We aim to answer that question in this blog series.

Factor number one: Weather

The painting business is heavily dependent on mother nature. In fact, the forecast is the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we look at just before bed. Either it’s clear or it’s raining, right? But consider this; have you ever left home without an umbrella, assured by your local weatherperson that the storm will pass us by, only get caught in a downpour? (Here is an article from on forecast accuracy)

Now, while you may be at risk for an unpleasant soaking before going on about your day, the painting business comes to a screeching halt due to rain. Simply stated, we cannot paint exteriors in the rain. Latex paint is water soluble, so it will dilute and streak, the finish will be at risk. Oil paint… we all know that oil and water don’t mix, again the result would be undesirable. Even a morning shower results in a lost day on the job because we can’t be sure that all the surface areas are completely dry. Since customer satisfaction is our number one goal, it would be remiss of us to paint/continue painting in conditions which would result in a compromised outcome.

Okay, that is all quite reasonable, you can’t paint exteriors in the rain. But let’s delve a little deeper than what the average DIY painter considers…

Come back next week for Factor 2!