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Factor number two: Threat of rain.

So, we’re up early in the morning and all seems quiet on the horizon. Just one quick check of the forecast with our cup of coffee and we learn that there is a threat of rain. Now, threats of rain are quite common in Ohio, and in our business we only pay special attention to them if they are at 50% or higher.

We listen to the meteorologist, have a look at the radar to see what areas are affected, and make the best decision with the tools we have available. That decision is always based on the risk to our customer’s investment. We are unwilling to jeopardize a customer’s project by trying to paint on a high risk day, so we are left with two options: call a “rain day” and lose all business for the day, or attempt to schedule for short interior projects.

We prefer to try scheduling interior jobs to keep the business running, of course. But this means that we may be calling a client the night before or the morning of. Luckily most clients respond well to last minute notice because they are excited to begin their projects!

Moving on… we’ve had a rainy day (or a day with a high threat of rain) and we’ve managed to schedule last minute interior projects to keep our crews busy. Fast forward a few hours and now it’s noon. No rain. In fact, the cell appears to be heading just north/south of us and the day turns out to be nice. Threats towards our local weather personalities aside, our exterior customers feel cheated. We understand this completely, but this is one of those factors that is out of our control (insert frustration here).

Now, to further complicate matters, our interior clients who were gracious enough to let us start their projects with no notice, want to add on another room while we’re there…

Come back next week for Factor 3!