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Factor number three: Add-ons.

Now the interior job is going to take two days instead of a quick (rainy) one. Note: We do accept reasonable add-ons for efficiency and our commitment to customer satisfaction! Large project add-ons will be scheduled at a later date.

Now let’s look at the situation, our exterior customer is disappointed because we started another client’s interior project. Our interior customer’s house is going to require a second day to finish, pushing back the exterior customer another day. This all may have happened with NO RAIN! But, a decision had to be made and in this business sometimes decisions can be costly in the form of days lost on a job.

Before we move on, let’s back pedal a bit and say we’ve instead made the decision to go forward and work outside. Que storm clouds and we get rained out. Now we’ve spent time and expense towards set up, which will have to be re-done another day because it’s wet and useless. Or, maybe we’ve begun painting and now your entire project has been compromised. That’s a risk we are unwilling to take, so we err on the side of caution with rain, or threat of rain at 50% or higher.

Come back next week for the final installment of the blog series “Scheduling”!