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Other factors affecting schedule timing:

-The time frame is quoted the day we come to your property to do your free estimate. Meanwhile, back at the office signed contracts may have come in that are added to the schedule that the estimator is not yet aware of.

-Your project is not put on the schedule until we receive your signed contract. For example: We tell a client on Monday during their estimate that we’re scheduling about 6-8 weeks out from booking. Fair enough right? But what happens when we don’t receive the signed contract until three weeks later? Scheduling has changed, but the client’s expectation is that their work will now be started in 3-5 weeks. No dice, while you were deciding we continued booking new projects. So what can you do? Sign your contract and get it in asap. Also, contact the office (the same day if possible) to get an update on how far out until we begin your project.

FYI – To be fair to everyone, we do not schedule clients until the day we have their signed contract back. A phone call will not get you scheduled. You will be contacted the day we receive your signed contract, and your project will be put in the schedule.

-Human factor. Painters and their helpers occasionally become ill, get injured, or have family emergencies at the same rate as the rest of us. This equals either a day lost or slowed down with a crew member out.

Wrapping up: These are not all, but certainly the most common variables that affect scheduling for all professional painters. They can result in one day, to one week, of variation in your project start date. A big thank you to all of our customers for their patience and understanding. We take scheduling and your satisfaction very seriously.